Meet the Farmer

Meet the Garcia family, our featured BC egg farmers.

BC egg farmers care for the right reasons. Every day, regulated BC egg farmers work hard on their farms to ensure their flocks receive responsible care, so that BC egg consumers remain confident in their choices of safe, wholesome eggs that fit their budget and lifestyle.

In BC, about 154 registered farmers raise over 3.2 million layer hens, which in turn produce over 87 million dozen eggs. About 80% of BC’s registered egg farmers are located in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, 14% in the Interior and Northern BC, and 6% on Vancouver Island.

Our farms are small and this creates a greater connection to the birds that lay the eggs. A more intimate, understandable scale of farming means real people are making responsible decisions about their animals and their welfare; eating fresh BC eggs is a tribute to our local producers and farmers. Our eggs are produced in a manner that reflects the spirit of responsibility, accountability and integrity of all our stakeholders. Our eggs meet or exceed consumer expectations for food safety, quality, health benefits, selection, the treatment and welfare of birds, and protection of the environment. Our farms operate independently, without government subsidies, and with respect for resources and the products they produce. As a local business, BC egg farmers support our commitment and thus we are able to create a stronger, more viable economy for our current and future generations.



“I think we are of the lucky frew who don’t ever think of our job as a job. This is just who we are – we are egg farmers.”
– Larissa Garcia


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“It doesn’t matter what type of egg you buy… it’s from a happy chicken that lives in a clean and safe environment, and probably from a family farm like mine.”
– Melanie Loewen


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“My favourite part about being an egg farmer is coming to the barn in the morning, going to see the hens, and having the hens welcome me.”
– Mark Neels


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“We train the birds for an aviary system from the pullet barn.”
– Jeff Regier




“It’s tough work and it’s continual work, but it’s really good and it’s enjoyable.”
– Jake Esau




“I’m very proud to be an egg farmer and to watch my children follow in my footsteps.”
– George Siemens




“When I first started farming I said the barn should be a playground for the chickens…With this barn, that’s where we’ve gotten to.”
– Dwayne Vanderkooi


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“I feel like a lot of people view us as farm managers, when really the chickens actually manage our lives. It’s more of lifestyle commitment than a job.” – Bryan Siemens


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“We’re dealing with live animals. Everything affects them – we need to be on top of that.” – Dave Hiebert




“We try to bring people the freshest eggs possible.” – Ed Mulder


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“When I walk through the birds, I can closely monitor their health and their happiness, and that’s what is most important to us.” – Dan Hiebert


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“It’s so important to us to produce good quality, local food.” – Jacqueline Boer


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“Our goal over the next couple of years is that we will grow the crops and process those crops into chicken feed…We are working towards a very sustainable model.” – Mike Schroeder


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“As a new egg farmer into the industry I’ve never felt so much support.” – Jared de Dood


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“My favourite part about being an egg farmer is getting up in the morning and knowing that I’m providing a safe and healthy product for breakfasts all over BC.” – George Vander Veen


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“We’re very proud to be able to produce organic eggs for the consumer and we’re also very excited to be able to help other farmers, through our feed mill, to produce the same product.” – Jen Laughlin


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“This is more than a job, it’s a way of life.” – Juschka Clarke


“I get to go out to the barn every day with my kids, and instill in them a love for farming.” – Kristin Poortvliet


Learn more about Misty Mountain Farm.



“We take pride in providing an awesome environment for the hens to live in. If I were to go buy eggs, this is the kind of farm I would want to buy eggs from.” – Tara Charriere


Learn more about MiraFarm Acres.



“The next generation coming up, they want to know where their food comes from. If they know they’re coming from happy hens, that makes us happy.” – Kevin Herfst


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“As first generation farmers, we’re putting in the work now and hoping that our kids can benefit and enjoy this lifestyle in the future.” – Krista Harris


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“Every farmer in BC, every farmer in Canada, we really want what’s best for our birds. That’s the bottom line.” – Cammy Lockwood


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“This is a third generation farm, started by my grandfather in the 60s.” – Scott Janzen


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“We are so happy to be a family farm, here in Chilliwack.” – Jewel Pauls



“We sit outside in the backyard, watching our chickens running around in the field in the summer afternoon – it’s a great thing to see.” – Jeremy Vaandrager


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“We believe if you support your community, your community will support you.” – Jen Woike


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“Egg farming is a 365 day a year job, but we are fortunate enough to be able to work with our family.” – Jeff Bisschop





“We’re not passionate only about egg farming, but of all the farming that we do.” – Ross Springford



“My favourite part about being an egg farmer is the chickens.” – Rob Martens


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“We love what we do. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it.” – Jon Krahn


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“Producing food for people here in BC is a fantastic feeling.” – Mark Siemens


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