Lockwood Farms

Cobble Hill, BC

Island Eggs
1.2 Million

Welcome to Lockwood Farms! We pride ourselves on our high standard of sustainability and hen welfare. Our hens are feed a special diet that includes insect protein. Insect protein is the most sustainable protein available, it is grown from waste products, with zero water input, dried and fed to our birdies. They love it!

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

Just one generation.

Which family members work on your farm?

Myslelf and my spouse both work on the farm.

How long have you been egg farming?

We've been farming for 10 years.

Why did you begin egg farming?

We LOVE chickens and people LOVE to buy eggs from us.

Do you raise any other livestock or crops on your farm?

Yes, we have a 'market garden' of mixed vegetables. We are really good at growing lettuce, kale and chard, and beautiful brassicas, and lovely squash babies! You can find us at the Esquimalt Farmer's Market, and at Cow-op.ca, an online farmer's market.

Audit Scores

Start Clean Stay Clean i

November 2023

Animal Care Program i

November 2023

BC Biosecurity i

June 2023

Salmonella Enteritidis Test i

June 2024

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