BC Egg Advertising

We work hard to share the stories of BC egg farmers and to celebrate the benefits of our nutritious, local BC eggs! Here are a few of the ways we’ve shared our message on TV, radio, and the web.

BC Egg on Radio

We regularly run traffic and weather tags on four radio stations in the major urban areas of the province (Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna and Kamloops).  Click to listen to samples of these promotions and of some of the longer segments we’ve run on radio.

Closed Captioning on Global News

We’ve been using closed captioning spots (Closed captioning is brought to you by…) on Global News for several years. These spots are coveted because they are considered “in-program” ads that garner more attention than regular ads.

Rogers Pre-Roll Videos: Meeting a BC Farmer

When you click on certain articles from Rogers network websites (such as Today’s Parent or FoodNetwork.ca) you are often shown a BC Egg “pre-roll” video. These are the short videos that can’t be skipped and have great value for delivering quick messages. In 2020 we couldn’t meet folks at fairs and in-person events, so we used pre-roll video to allow the public to “meet” an egg farmer online. Juschka Clarke was the farmer we featured in these ads.

Rogers Pre-Roll Videos: Recipe Inspiration

In 2021, we refined our messaging and added a food-oriented pre-roll video featuring pictures of recipes that can be found on our website. This pre-roll video is specifically targeted at the Rogers Food Channels.

Brand Partnerships

We partner with major brands like Today’s Parent and Chatelaine to help promote eggs as healthy, easy meal ingredients. Here are examples of the internet “hubs” they create to promote recipes, meal planning tips and more, featuring fresh, BC eggs.

Social Media Promotion

The website hubs are bolstered by promotion on the social media feeds of both Chatelaine and Today’s Parent, and include posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


In-Person Events

In-person events are a key component of BC Egg’s outreach strategy. Farmer “Ambassadors” staff these events providing the public with an opportunity to meet and chat with an actual farmer. The goal is to provide the public access not otherwise available, and to share authentic insights into egg farming in BC. The PNE and Abbotsford Agrifair are typical venues for BC Egg, and in 2019 we expanded to include the Armstrong IPE, as well as several Wellness shows in the Lower Mainland, to our event roster. 

PNE Drive-Thru Display

In 2020 in person events were cancelled across the province due to COVID-19. Instead, with four days notice, we pulled together a display for the PNE’s alternate drive-thru event. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have live hens so we found some very realistic chicken garden ornaments to stand in for the real thing! We also provided the PNE with bags and swag to hand out to cars as they entered.

Abbotsford Agrifair Support During COVID-19

The in-person Abbotsford Agrifair was also cancelled in 2020 but at the very last minute they were able to pivot and host a drive-thru event. We were able to provide the Agrifair with branded BC Egg bags, recipes and swag for every car that visited the fair. We also had gift bags for the first 200 children who came to the fair. This ad was placed in the Abbotsford News the week before the Fair opened in 2020.

BC Egg In The News

When the media calls, BC Egg is pleased to help them with a story! Sometimes we call the media to pitch an interesting egg-related story. In this section, you’ll see some of the recent stories we’ve been a part of.

Virtual Barn Tour for Easter Seals on Global TV

Global TV interviewed BC Egg Farmer Scott Janzen about his work with BC Egg’s Virtual Barn Tour Program and the Easter Seals tour group in the spring of 2021.