Virtual Farm Tours

Where Does Your Food Come From?

BC Egg is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages the province’s egg farming industry. We work with approximately 144 family owned and operated egg farms which produce over 87 million dozen eggs a year for British Columbians.

We offer you the unique opportunity to show your students where their food comes from and what types of job are available in agriculture.



Live & Real-Time Virtual Tour of an Egg Farm

Tours can be modified for audiences of any age, every tour introduces two of our BC farmers. Starting with a live tour and ending with a live Q+A, participants have a unique opportunity to see a real egg farm and engage with real farmers.

Careers in Agriculture Session

New for 2021, a Q+A panel giving students the chance to talk with people in key agricultural roles—such as animal feed specialists, equipment sales reps, and of course farmers. Some farmers produce eggs, broiler chickens, turkeys and dairy, giving a picture of the different commodities in BC.
This panel is ideally suited for intermediate or secondary school aged youth.

Tours are FREE to groups of twelve or more in BC.

We can arrange Virtual Ask an Egg Farmer events at dates and times convenient for you and your class or group. Our small team of staff and farmers will join your virtual meeting, allowing you to maintain oversight of the class and control of online security.

Please note that, due to popular demand, we are booking tours several weeks in advance.

Fill in the registration form via the link below, and you will be contacted by the BC Egg Events Coordinator to book a date.

How it Works

The tours are approximately 1 hour, including time to ask the Farmers questions.  If your group has a specific request for a shorter or longer session, please feel welcome to contact us.

Tours are available to groups in BC of 12 or more participants.

As we are booking tours several weeks in advance due to popular demand, Group Leaders are being asked if they would be willing to combine with another group of similar age and that has similar availability (example: two groups of Brownies that meet on Mondays at 6pm).

  • If combining is not OK with your groups’ protocols, or you think that there will be too many on-screen (sometimes 40> participants), we will of course understand and will book you separately.
  • If combining is OK with your groups’ protocols, you will be connected with another Group Leader via email. Together, Leaders will be responsible for overseeing the session, including security and conduct, and would provide a link to their virtual-meeting (see Important Info about the Tours below).

Important Info About the Tours

  • Our small tour team (typically two farmers and two BC Egg staff members) will join your virtual meeting on your chosen platform.
  • Group Leaders are expected to oversee the session, including virtual waiting room/lobby, security, conduct etc.
  • Group Leaders are asked to lead the meeting and discussion. Our tour team provides the tour and answer questions.
  • You will provide BC Egg with a meeting link on your chosen meeting platform. Please let us know if you have any specific security protocols or other info that should be passed on to our tour team.
  • We will provide you with the names of our tour team members so that you can identify us when we arrive in the virtual lobby/waiting room.
  • Please ensure that you know how to spotlight/pin participants in your chosen platform and other basic functions. The session will not work effectively unless the farmer touring his/her barn can be spotlighted.
  • Tour sessions are approximately one hour long.

What Else Does BC Egg Offer?

Contact us if you have other ideas or needs for virtual events. Plus, we are adding more and more on-demand videos and printable resources to our website all the time!

Visit our “Egg-venture Zone” for more great egg-ucational resources.

BC Egg has presented tours to hundreds of youths and adults in audiences all over BC.


On behalf of the 2nd North Vancouver brownies, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn more about BC Egg Farms, see the farms and what the farmers do, and ask lots and lots of questions.

The girls had a great time and we truly appreciate the time that you and the farmers took to show us around!

      – Heather, Girl Guide Leader, North Vancouver



We loved this project. Being in a small city of around 10,000 people up in the north of the province, we don’t get many opportunities to see large farms. We spent a little time discussing what we already knew about chickens. We looked at books to learn a bit more and brainstormed our questions. With our question cards in hand, we eagerly waited for the zoom call.

Kevin was so great. He was kind, gentle and so full of information. My class got all their prepared questions answered plus a lot more!

I would definitely do this again. In fact, if there are others we could do, I’d do those too. It definitely turned my class into very eager learners. They are STILL talking about it.

Gillian, Gr 1/2 Teacher,
Coast Mountain School District, Terrace



Much like the cranberry presentation, this conversation with the egg farmer was fabulous. Our students enjoyed it immensely.

Matthew, Foundations Teacher,
Surrey School District, Surrey



We would like to thank you all SO MUCH for the excellent virtual field trip on Friday. My students were muted for much of the tour so there was less feedback noise, but they were so engaged throughout the tour and after we finished and they were filling in their reflection sheets, their answers were so rich and detailed. The pandemic has made some things so very difficult, but there are new opportunities too, and this was an excellent one!

Thank you for so generously giving your time and expertise to share with these students (and me!). And thank you for everything you are doing to bring sustainable farming and education to BC students!

Michelle, Staff Development Coach,
Highroad Academy, Chilliwack