Selling Ungraded Eggs

Selling Ungraded Eggs

BC has strict rules and laws surrounding selling ungraded eggs.


Ungraded eggs come from Small Lot or Backyard Flock producers and are eggs that have not been cleaned and inspected by a CFIA certified grading station.  In order to sell ungraded eggs, a farmer must follow all rules and regulations set out by the government.

Farmers may only sell ungraded eggs directly to end users (those who will actually be eating the eggs) through farm gate sales at the farmer’s premise or at farmers markets.  The eggs must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Be produced on the farmer’s own farm.
  2. Be clean without any visible cracks or leaks.
  3. Kept at 4 degrees Celsius until they leave the producer’s possession.
  4. Be packed in clean cartons that are marked as “Ungraded” in letters at least two centimetres high.
  5. Be labeled with the name of the farm/producer and the packaging date.


It is illegal to sell ungraded eggs to anyone who is not the end user of the eggs. Eggs sold to restaurants and stores or donated to food banks and community dinners must be graded by a Registered Shell Egg Grading Station.

For more information, please review these government resources:

Good Agricultural Practices – Livestock and Poultry

Appendix III in the following document provides guidelines for the sale of eggs at farmers’ markets: