Ongoing Consultations

BC Egg works with the public and industry stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard across a number of different facets of operation.  The following are current or ongoing consultations.

New Producer Program Consultation: October Stakeholder Meeting

On October 1st, we held a meeting on Zoom to talk to stakeholders about our survey and the New Producer Program Producer-Vendor category. We knew not everyone could attend this meeting so we recorded it and made it available here on our website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail them to Amanda Brittain, Director Communications and Marketing.

New Producer Program & Producer-Vendor Category

The BC Egg Marketing Board (BC Egg) is seeking to clarify the parameters of the producer-vendor category and the New Producer Program requirements.

The BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) has asked BC Egg to examine and clarify our producer-vendor requirements as outlined in the J & E Appeal Decision dated August 14, 2020.

As part of our consultation process with producers, industry stakeholders and the public, BC Egg conducted an online survey open to the public.  That survey is now closed. Survey results will be shared once they are available.

Producer Types
There are three distinct types of registered producers in BC:

  1. Registered producers include all egg quota holders in BC. The majority of registered producers ship their eggs to a registered grading station. They may also self-market a portion of their production at farm gate.
  2. Producer-graders own and operate a registered grading station where they grade and market their farm’s production. Producer-graders may also grade and market the production of other registered producers. Producer-graders are a sub-category of registered producers.
  3. Producer-vendors are intended to self-market a significant and meaningful portion of their own egg production without requiring the producer to own and operate a grading station. Producer-vendors do not market eggs from other farmers. Producer-vendors are a sub-category of registered producers.

New Producer Program
BC Egg’s New Producer Program (NPP) provides opportunities for British Columbians interested in egg production to access free quota through the NPP lottery, after a rigorous application and screening process. The NPP contributes to the renewal and sustainability of the BC egg industry by encouraging new entrants and innovative production, targeting new and changing specialty and regional niche markets which have unmet demand. Applicants apply to specific categories in the NPP lottery which stipulate region, production type and/or one of the three distinct producer categories. NPP applicants must have solid business plans and clearly indicate their commitment and capacity to produce eggs according to the specific category to which they are applying.

Producer Vendor Category & the NPP
The producer-vendor category was added as a distinct category to the NPP in 2015 to encourage new entrants to set up a farm business in smaller regional communities or niche markets where they could sell eggs directly to their customers. The vision and intent was that these producer-vendors would sell the majority –  ideally all – of their production themselves whether it be through farm gate sales, farmers markets and/or by having their eggs custom graded by a local grader which the producer-vendor then sells directly to grocery stores and restaurants.

Due to the additional work that is expected of a producer-vendor to self-market their eggs compared to a registered producer who ships eggs to a grader, the NPP lottery for the producer-vendor category typically receives fewer applications and therefore applicants for this category have a higher likelihood of success in the random draw.

BC Egg must establish clear expectations and requirements for this producer category to ensure producer-vendors develop and adhere to a sound business plan, including an operations plan, which aligns with BC Egg programming and are in the best interests of the industry.

Thank you,

BC Egg Board of Directors




Completed Consultations

The following are consultations that have been held in the past, and are now completed. 

2019 Election Rule Review Survey

Every three years BC Egg is required to conduct a review of our Election Rules and Procedures document. This document includes the board election requirements and process.

The survey is now closed.


2019 Quota Assessment Tools Consultation – Exempt Person Review

The supply managed commodities in BC are in the process of updating their rules related to quota assessments when selling quota, based on direction provided by BCFIRB.  BC Egg requested an additional review of exempt persons.

The consultation is now closed.

2019 Quota Allocation Policy Survey

BC Egg’s goal is to streamline the quota allocation process going forward to ensure that growth quota is allocated in a timely manner and BC egg producers are meeting market demand.

The survey is now closed.


2018 New Producer Program Consultation

The New Producer Program has been established with the intent to provide BC residents, with an interest in egg production and agriculture, an opportunity to contribute to the regulated egg sector in BC.

 The survey is now closed.

2018 Allocation Method Consultation Survey

As BC received a quota allocation, BC Egg must determine an allocation methodology that meets the Regulated Markets Economic Policy and SAFETI Principles.

The survey is now closed.


2017 Quota Assessment Tools Consultation

The supply managed commodities in BC are in the process of updating their rules related to quota assessments when selling quota, based on direction provided by BCFIRB.

The consultation is now closed.

  • To review the April 4, 2017 Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation Consultation Presentation, please click here.  To review the May 8, 2017 Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation Consultation Presentation, please click here.
  • To review the final Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation submission to BCFIRB, please click here.
  • To review the February 2, 2018 decision from BCFIRB, please click here.
  • To view additional letters submitted from all of the supply managed boards, please visit BC FIRB’s website.


2016 Consolidated Order Review

BC Egg undertook a core review of the Consolidated Orders beginning in 2014 and ending in 2016.  Seven key areas where identified that may not reflect the current market and needs of our stakeholders. 

  • A summary of the responses and the comments received for each question is available here.