Egg-venture Zone!

Egg-ventures, Egg-sploration & Egg-ucation!

Egg-ventures, Egg-sploration & Egg-ucation!

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help kids of all ages egg-splore egg farming in BC! From recipes that smaller hands can manage, to science egg-speriments, to tours of real BC egg farms and more, watch as this page grows to feature all kinds of egg-citing egg-ventures!

Kids Ask An Egg Farmer


This summer, we asked kids from around the province for their questions about eggs, chickens, and egg farming in BC. Then we had our BC Egg Farmers answer them! Here are the results.


Do YOU have a question for one of our BC Egg Farmers? Ask us how you can send in your video, and we might feature you on our next installment of “Kids Ask an Egg Farmer!”

Danica & Alexis Ask an Egg Farmer

Saffron & Amelie Ask an Egg Farmer

Elijah & Logan Ask an Egg Farmer

Xavier, Elaina & Clara Ask an Egg Farmer

Saphira & Emily Ask an Egg Farmer

Inside An Egg Barn: Barn Tours

Organic Barn Tour

This tour takes you through a cage-free organic egg laying barn. You’ll meet Darren, our farmer from Chilliwack, BC, and see his feed mill and his organic egg farm. He’ll show you how the hens are housed, fed and cared for, and share some of the unique features of an organic farm.

Free Run Barn Tour

This tour takes you through a cage-free, free-run egg laying barn. You’ll meet George, our farmer from Chilliwack, BC, and see his entire farm, including how the hens are housed, fed and cared for.

Enriched Barn Tour

This video takes you through an enriched egg laying barn. By the year 2036, enriched housing will have replaced all standard cage housing for laying hens throughout Canada. This housing system allows hens room for all their natural behaviours including perching, scratching, laying their eggs, eating and drinking, and produces the most economical eggs available on your grocery store shelves. In this video, you’ll meet Dan, our farmer from Abbotsford, BC, and see his entire farm, including how the hens are housed, fed and cared for.

Egg-ventures in Cooking

One of the best ways to foster healthy eating habits and an appreciation of nutrition is to start kitchen education early. We’ve put together several recipes to help little hands learn to love cooking!

Resources For Egg-ucators

For Teachers

Teaching About Eggs

Whether you’re a teacher, a home-school provider, or just someone who wants to help egg-ucate about egg farming in BC, we are here to help! This page houses a number of resources for “egg-ucators” of all stripes, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to our Director of Marketing and Communications with your requests.

Activity Booklets & Sheets

  • Super Duper Eggs
    Grades 1-3
    This retro activity sheet has egg-centric and amusing ways to cover science, visual arts, language arts, and math. (4 pp)
  • Colouring Sheets
    All ages
    Featuring Shelley and Eggbert, and their adventures.
  • SuperChefs Eggs-Cellent Ideas
    All ages
    This info sheet was developed by SuperChefs, a program dedicated to educating youth about nutrition and dental health. The sheet features fun facts about eggs, a craft with egg shells and a recipe for young chefs!
    For more about the SuperChefs program, click here.

The Journey of The Egg

This 9-minute video gives students a look at the journey of the egg from the farm to your table. It includes info about the farm, egg grading, egg products, cooking, and food safety.