Derwest Poultry

Abbotsford, BC

3 Million

Derwest Poultry is a first generation farm. We started our farm as a broiler breeder farm in 1994, and expanded the barn twice to accommodate additional growth on our farm. After 23 years of this, we decided to transition to egg farming. We updated and renovated our barn into a free run facility in 2017 and currently have 9500 hens that produce around 9200 eggs every day. All of our eggs are sent to Burnbrae Farms for grading and packaging.
There is also a pullet barn on the farm where we raise our own chicks and after 19 weeks they are ready to be transferred to the lay barn where they will lay their eggs.

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

We are first generation egg farmers.

Which family members work on your farm?

Myself and my spouse.

How long have you been farming?

We've been farming for 26 years.

Why did you begin egg farming?

We started farming a couple of years after we got married because we wanted our kids to grow up on a farm and to learn what it takes to work hard and learn responsibility. Four years ago we had the opportunity to start egg farming and we felt this was a better fit for our family. We are proud to be egg producers in BC.

Do you raise any other livestock or crops on your farm?

We rent our 15 acres of land to a local potato farmer who grows potatoes in our field.

What is your favourite part about being an egg farmer?

Our favorite part of being an egg farmer is the hens! We love to walk in the barn and watch them interact with each other. We also love raising our own baby chicks, and watching them grow into hens is truly amazing.

Why did you choose the production type you use?

When we started egg farming, free run production is what was needed for the industry. So we renovated our barn from a broiler breeder barn to a free run egg barn. This was very similar to the production type we already had, so not a lot of physical changes were necessary to the barn.

What would you like consumers to know about egg farmers/egg farming?

We really love what we do! We take great pride in our farms and when you purchase eggs from BC egg producers you can be sure that the highest standards were met to produce the highest quality eggs for your family.

What does being an egg farmer mean to you?

Being an egg farmer means we can do what we love to do, and that is taking care of our hens and producing eggs. We have always said "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

Who is your feed provider?

Ritchie-Smith Feeds

Who is your chick provider?

Hy-line North America

What brand are your eggs sold under?

Burnbrae Farms

Where are your eggs sold?

Save-On Foods

Audit Scores

Start Clean Stay Clean i

November 2023

Animal Care Program i

November 2023

BC Biosecurity i

November 2023

Salmonella Enteritidis Test i

June 2024

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