Brightside Eggs

Chilliwack, BC

Golden Valley Foods
Brightside Eggs
3.4 Million

Brightside Eggs is a family owned and operated poultry farm. We are 3rd generation dairy farmers and 1st generation poultry farmers. At Brightside Poultry Ltd. we farm organic layer hens and specialty chickens. Our farmers young and old love our animals, with our generational knowledge being in dairy cows we have appreciated the adventure of learning about the birds. We are committed to sustainable and humane farming practices, animal care and animal health are the most important parts of our work.

Local families are able to purchase fresh handpicked eggs directly from our farm through our state of the art on farm vending machine.

We put our hearts and souls into our work producing food for local families.

We look forward to meeting you at the farm.

Visit us online at:

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

We are first generation egg farmers.

Which family members work on your farm?

Both Mr. and Mrs. Brightside work on the farm.

How long have you been egg farming?

We've been farming our whole lives, but started egg farming in 2016.

Why did you begin egg farming?

We are 3rd generation farmers. We decided to begin Egg Farming because of our love of farming and animals. We are hoping that our kids will love to farm as much as we do and want to take over one day.

Do you raise any other livestock or crops on your farm?

We also raise dairy cows and specialty broilers in addition to our organic layer hens.

What is your favourite part about being an egg farmer?

Our favorite part of being egg farmers is the hens. We love that every flock is unique, the birds have personalities and develop their own sounds and habits as a group.

Why did you choose the production type you use?

We chose organic because of the market demand.

What would you like consumers to know about egg farmers/egg farming?

Farming is our life, our animal's health and well being is the most important thing to us. We are constantly learning as much as we can about animal behavior and health to be able to improve our farming practices so that we can be sustainable and innovative. It's important for us to stay current in our knowledge to equip the next generation to farm.

Who is your feed provider?

Canadian Organic Feeds

Who is your chick provider?

Hy-line North America

What brand are your eggs sold under?

In grocery stores through Golden Valley, and at our roadside vending machine as Brightside Eggs.

Where are your eggs sold?

On our farm and in local grocery stores.

Audit Scores

Start Clean Stay Clean i

May 2023

Animal Care Program i

May 2023

BC Biosecurity i

May 2023

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March 2024

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