Outstanding Young Farmers Award – BC Yukon Region

March 13, 2019

Cammy & James Lockwood with OYF presenter and BC Egg board members Gunta Vitins and Walter Siemens.


BC Egg is pleased to announce that Cobble Hill egg farmers, Cammy and James Lockwood, were selected as the BC/Yukon Outstanding  Young Famers candidates for 2019. Cammy and James now head to Fredericton for the national competition.

Outstanding Young Farmers winners must give a presentation that outlines their progress in their agricultural careers; showcase their environmental stewardship; show production history; demonstrate how they contribute to the well-being of the community; and more. They must also submit to oral interviews and submit financial information.

Cammy and James focused on how, as winners of the New Producer Program, they were able to take advantage of efficiencies to improve hen welfare. In addition, they demonstrated their innovation by discussing their efforts to feed their hens with fly larvae due to its smaller environmental impact. Finally, they cited all the support they received from both their family and the community at large.

BC Egg congratulates the Lockwoods and wishes them luck for the national competition.

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