4-H British Columbia

January 17, 2018

For over 100 years, 4-H has been one of the most highly respected youth organizations in Canada . Since 1913, 4-H has given youth opportunities to “Learn To Do By Doing” through a dedicated group of volunteer leaders and mentors . 4-H empowers youth as skilled, engaged, and responsible leaders who are passionate about making meaningful contributions to the world around them . We give today’s youth a safe, fun, and inclusive environment that prepares them to make a positive impact on their community, country, and around the world.

In Canada, 4-H counts more than 24,500 members and 7,600 volunteers . Locally, 4-H gives back to the community and creates community leaders . Provincially, there are opportunities for conferences, camps, and scholarships . And nationally, 4-H members have the opportunity to see different parts of Canada and the world, apply for scholarships, and participate in some of the country’s longest-running youth conferences

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