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Twin Peaks

Langley Township, BC

Born 3
Born 3 Vitamin D
7 Million

Twin Peaks Farms began in 1969.  My dad, Ernest, and Uncle Jake started the farm in the North Otter Community of
Aldergrove with just 2,000 hens. My wife and I had the opportunity to purchase the farm in 1990 and have since grown it to 23,000 hens. We are now located in South Aldergrove and are 2nd generation egg farmers.

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?


Which family members work on your farm?

Myself, my spouse, and my adult children.

How long have you been farming?

38 years.

Why did you begin egg farming?

I was raised on the family farm and had the opportunity to take over when my dad and uncle retired. It has been a privilege doing a job I enjoy.

What is your favourite part about being an egg farmer?

I enjoy the daily routine of taking care of hens and seeing them thrive and produce eggs.

Why did you choose the production type you use?

The enriched colony cage allows our healthy and happy hens to nest, perch and the opportunity to forage.

What would you like consumers to know about egg farmers/egg farming?

We are all part of an industry that has a strong sense of responsibility to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Who is your feed provider?

Otter Co-Op

Who is your chick provider?

Hy-line North America.

What brand are your eggs sold under?

Born 3 and Born 3 Vitamin D

Where are your eggs sold?

Costco and Save-On Foods.

Audit Scores

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March 2024

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March 2022

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