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J&B Regier & Sons

Abbotsford, BC

Golden Valley Free Run Omega
Pinegrove Free Range
6.5 Million

We started our farm 25 years ago as a hatching egg farm, then transitioned to laying hens. Currently we have one slat and scratch free range barn with 7,000 hens, and a second barn which has the new aviary free range system with 13,000 hens. Our third barn is our chick barn which also has the new aviary system for pullets.

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

We are the first.

Which family members work on your farm?

Us and our son and daughter in-law.

How long have you been egg farming?

5 yrs.

Why did you begin egg farming?

We thought it would be a nicer way of farming for us in our golden years.

What is your favourite part about being an egg farmer?

Farming is what we do. We enjoy producing top quality food for Canadians.

Why did you choose the production type you use?

At the time, the movement was towards free run. Recently we have moved our small flock to free range.

What would you like consumers to know about egg farmers/egg farming?

That they are getting top quality product from top producers in the world.

What does being an egg farmer mean to you?

Being able to feed people a high quality food raised humanely with some of the highest standards in the world.

Who is your feed provider?


Who is your chick provider?


What brand are your eggs sold under?

Pinegrove free range, and Golden Valley free run omega 3 eggs.

Audit Scores

Start Clean Stay Clean i

September 2023

Animal Care Program i

September 2023

BC Biosecurity i

November 2021

Salmonella Enteritidis Test i

March 2022

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