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Daybreak Farms

Terrace, BC

Daybreak Farms
30,000 - 40,000
12 million

Daybreak Farms is a family company, owned and operated by Ian and Jeannie Christison, who have been egg producers in British Columbia for four decades. Ian is a second-generation egg farmer who bought his first farm in 1970. Jeannie became a partner in the business in 1974 when the two were married. In 1991 they bought the facilities on Eby Street in Terrace and started up Daybreak Farms. Ian and Jeannie have raised three children — Brianna, Geordie and Kieran — who have all helped in the operations at various times.

Visit www.daybreakfarms.ca for more info about our farm.

Q & A

How many generations has your family been egg farming?

We've been egg farming for three generations.

Which family members work on your farm?

We work on the farm with our adult children.

How long have you been egg farming?

I've been farming since 1970.

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