BC Egg & COVID-19

In an effort to support the government’s recommendations on social distancing, the BC Egg office is now closed to all visitors and the majority of staff are working from home. All essential functions will continue and all staff can be reached by e-mail and telephone. If you reach someone’s voice mail, we urge you to leave a message and it will be returned promptly. In addition, senior staff can be reached by voice or text on their cell phones:

Katie Lowe, Executive Director, 778.242.4490

Joey Aebig, Manager Operations, 604.442.6320

Erin Duetta, Manager Finance, 778.987.5900

Amanda Brittain, Director Communications and Marketing, 778.386.1917

Julianne Cox, Executive Assistant, 604.302.7155

A Note on Egg Supply – March 24, 2020

Because eggs are produced locally in BC, we have a steady supply. The appearance of shortages is due to extreme over-buying, rather than an actual lack of supply. BC Egg Executive Director, Katie Lowe, reminds us, “buy what you need and leave the rest for your neighbours.”

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