Review of BC Specialty Egg Production


In 2016, BC specialty egg producers and the BC Egg Marketing Board started the process to develop the BC-specific specialty egg production standards. Before the new standards were developed, a survey was sent to all specialty egg producers to ask about their standard management practices. The survey also provided opportunity to obtain a better grasp of current practices and create an open channel for discussion with the producers. Nearly 70% of specialty farms responded to the survey and producers were engaged and open to developing a set of standards unique to BC.

BC’s own standards will ensure that all free run and free range producers within the province of BC adhere to the same animal care standards. The new standards were developed using the drafted revised code of practice as a starting point. The Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) Animal Care Program, EFC Start Clean Stay Clean Program, and the BC Poultry Biosecurity Program were utilized as much as possible in order to reduce duplication between the programs.

The Specialty Egg Production Manual brings together specialty egg production elements from the national Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pullets and Laying Hens, Egg Farmers of Canada’s Animal Care Program, and the new BC specialty egg production standards.


The Specialty Egg Production Manual is available here.


Growing Forward 2 – Communications Guide

Growing Forward 2 – Communications Guide for Third Party Delivery Agents 



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